engine swap, low idle. seatbealts dont work????

i have a integra ls 91. swapped the motor for a 92 cause mine was blown and my buddie had a 92 motor laying around. my car is obd0 ond the 92 is obd1. i just took the injector clips of his wire harness and cut mine and hooked up the obd1 injector clips. works but i think it might be runnin rich. when i start the car the idle is almost below the first line. like mabey 300 rpms. then after it gets warm its around 600 700 but still idles like shit.
the car also shakes like a mofo unless you get it above 1000 rpms.

did nuthin with timing so that is not even in the picture. can i run a obd1 engine on a obd0 computer. or do i gotta swap my intake mani? reason i just dont go too obd1 is smog reasons. alsso, dont know if this has anything to do with it but my seat belts wont work ethier. (the slider part on the door frame/roof that moves in dAs)

thanks for the help in advance

What distributor and ECU are you using? Alternator as well? Those are important to running properly with mixed OBD’s

obd0 §distrubutor§, obd0 ecu, obd1 altenator, everthing on the motor and mani is obd1. derict swap from buddies obd1 motor in my 0bd0 car. so i need obd0 injectors huh.