Engine transplant Question

Alright, so … would a '97 Type-R B18C engine be able to drop right in easily to a '91 LS. A friend of mine is desperate to make his car fast and he thinks that it would fit. So would it or would he have to lose a lot of stuff?:getsome:

It sure would, my friend… Wiring would be an interesting complication unless you used the harness and the ECU from the Type-R.

Only other complication you would have is the tranny… LS trannies suck for NA… we know these things from my personal experience :wink: And the Typpe-R tranny is hydro. 91 LS is cable… You also will probably run into some clutch issues depending on which tranny you come up with.


O yea, and juust to please everyone that read and didn’t reply… Do a search. :wink:

B-series engines will fit. nice and snug and you can leave the welder at home. lol. b16, b18, b20, they all fit with no mount modifications necessary just use the old b18a mounts.