engine/turbo question

alright guys heres the deal. i was wondering if u guys could help me out with this. first i have a 92 ls perfect conidition with about 140,000 miles on it, automatic. i wanted to ask u guys what u though is the best thing to do.
—should i get a drag turbo now, and after the engine blows to hell just get a rebuild, and also drop in a 5-speed while i’m at it?
—or should i get the 5-speed conversion done, with a B16A engine swap and a bottle of zex, when i go to the track.

what i’m looking for is this, i’m not really concerned with prices, i just want to know reliability and power opinions. also i rarely race, if anything i go to the track maybe 2 or 3 times a year, so which is the best for me? i just want some good power. thanx guys for all your help.
p.s. no! i’m not selling my car for a 5-speed, i’ve put a lot of work into it and grown attached :smiley:

drop the five speed first

if u get the turbo on the auto…you will blow more than the engine…tranny will go too…

plus u will have more fun driving the stock car being that it is a 5 speed

Boost the sucker:p

will my tranny really blow up if i boost it?:slight_smile: ohh man i’m having a hard time deciding, but in the end i think i’m gonna go with boost. has anyone had major problems with turbo? i dont really want my car on jackstands for months at a time. thanx guys for all your help.:smiley:

Hey man, I am thinking the exact same thing! <br><br> My auto teg has 150K and I am really leaning towards a turbo kit. I’m attatched to my car too, not to mention all of the money and time and effort put into it the last 2.5 years I’ve had it. Personally, I think the tranny is up to the task. But if it breaks…manual trannys are cheap enough themselves, and if you blow the motor, just get them both together.<br><br>
I commute to school every day and just want to slap on some HP without tearing the thing apart- plus it would be original!:cool:


post on the boost section. I’ve known people with auto tegs boosted… “Booster_Turbo” (Previous member had that setup.) I think he sold the car though. Went to the dark side and got a bimmer…

yeah sounds good man. the way i see it, a lot of people say that instead of doing a motor swap, just rebuild the current one with stronger internals, that way it can handle the boost. i guess i’m gonna do that then. it sounds like a good idea. might as well get the rebuild and the tranny done at the same time, then go home and order the turbo kit for my car and slap it on. i know it will be expensive getting all this done at once… but i guess i’m up for it:) or maybe i’ll just get the tranny done asap and work on the motor build up and the turbo kit a little while from now.