engine vibration

sometimes when im at a stop i can feel and hear some extra vibration coming from the engine bay area… just started up lately… its kinda liek " dung dung dung"… not sure if its amotor mount but its all i can think of. nothing really taht would make me thinks its the motor internals either.

oh yeah this is at idle (proper idle) and i think it may be present when i rev or drive since i cant really heear it cuz of my exhaust but it feels a bit shakier… then again like i said its not there all the time… maybe a couple times every 15 mins of driving

is it AUto or manual?

I know my auto makes low bass kinda sound when i am holding brakes at light.

Hi folks, I’m new to this site, and I am having the same problem. I recently installed some indiglo gauges, clear corners, and an air intake, but all is tight, and there should be no vibarations coming from any of these mods. I have a 5 spd, and when I am at a stop, with my brakes on lightly, or actually when I press in my clutch(not as bad) I am getting that shaking or vibration from the engine bay as well. Has anyone had any problems similiar to this ? Motor mounts maybe ?

mines is manual but when i had auto i know what you are talking about aero… this type of vibration is diff… the vibration you are talking about is more frequent and light… you kinda hear the dash vibrate a bit… with this i kinda can feel the vibration through the brake and clutch pedal and can hear light thumping

Sounds like the same problem I’m having BlueG2. I was talking with a few people today, and it could possibly be the motor mounts or the bushings in the mounts. If it gets louder, that may be what it is.

yeha i wouldnt be surprised if it were the motor mounts… at least its not a HUGE deal… it kinda feels for a second like cars with the polyurethane motor mount bushing kits… but not as bad since i think only one is going bad not all

I have a 92 RS, and all three of the front mounts were torn when I bought it with 224K miles on the odometer. The age of our cars contributes to the rubber in the mounts giving out, tearing, and getter harder which all contribute to more interior vibration. The front tranny mount is really easy to look at and see if there is a torn mount, and the side mounts can be checked visually and with a crowbar to measure the excess play in the mounts. I replaced both side mounts with OEM from Acura, and the front mount I used a Energy Suspension insert for $22. The ES kit also came with inserts for the rear mount and one side mount if you do some trimming on the insert.

I get some vibrations, and I bet if I replace the front mount with OEM it would be alot smoother. Downside is, the OEM gets expensive. Oh, I also tried to use a Advance Auto Parts side mount, and it was about a half inch off, so I had to return it, you see, they try to make another application fit ours, but it was not close enough to use, but they still sell them to ya, ass-whipes.

luckily for me, my problem was something really stupid… the clutch cable was too close to my neuspeed strut bar and when it occasionally touched it made the dub dub noise. lol… whew

lol :giggle:

OH CRUD I HAVE that same problem and i also have a neuspeed bar HAHAH i bet thats what that is :roll: