engine wire question

on the front side of the engine there is a skinny ground wire that has one connection to the body and two to the engine. my wire looked frayed so i replaced it with a 4 gauge wire and gold terminals. my mechanic said honda doesn’t do things for fun and i should put the wire back on. has anyone else replaced or removed this wire? does anyone know which wire i am talking about?

since you replaced it with a larger wire, it’s not going to hurt anything. you’ll get better current flow, which is a good thing. just cuz it’s not stock doesn’t mean it’s going to mess stuff up, keep the new wire there.

that is fine… i have 1 4g off the vavle cover, 1 off the bock and 2 off the - side of the batt…

wheni only have 1 on the vavle cover and no others i heated up my vavle cover alot becuase it was flowing so much current… but my amp also dose 2000wrms :slight_smile: