engine wiring problem

Hey guys, I’m doing a swap from a 92 rs to a 91 gs and I’m having problems hooking up the wiring to the engine because the plugs are different, on the 91 it has round connectors and the 92 has rectangle ones. Does anyone know how I can hook them together. Like is their a wiring diagram or anything. Or should I just go to the junk yard and try to get the wiring off of the engine from a 91. and if I do will It all hook up right. I have everything else done and this is causing major problems for me. Also I have a haynes manual but it doesn’t seem to help for this problem. I appriciate the help. Thanks,

also, I put the 91 transmission on my 92 engine. I was reading online and they said that they wouldn’t line up cuz of the clutch but it went on perfectly. Is that gong to be a problem

use the engine from the 91, but ALL the wiring and sensors and what not off of the 92. Us the original distributor, injectors, ecu…

your92 is obd1, while the 91 is non obd. You DO NOT want to convert your wiring to non obd. First off it would be a HUGE pain in the ass, and second of all, its pointless.

the transmission will work just fine. Just make sure you use the proper clutch. If you’re using a 90-91 tranny, then use a 90-91 clutch, If you’re using a 92-93 tranny, then use a 92-93 clutch. Pretty straightforward.