EP3 Calipers on DA?

I saw someone on here selling a set awhile back and now that mine are starting to show their age I figured why not upgrade to larger rear brakes when i do my Legend front brakes.

Question is… are the rears from the EP4 going to work on the rear of my DA? I think the EP3 had 10" rear rotors or something like that. I cant find the original post in the classifieds section. Im sure if they fit, I’d need the rear disc as well.

Any insight?

Here’s a thread that kinda talks about it… I want to know if anyone is doing this or has done this… and their experience.



Im thinking they are a direct bolt on type of deal… any ohter modifications? Like ebrake cables and such?

Edit found the answer. All except for the e-brake cables…

Well, here I am again. Got a couple more questions.

  1. Do I use the stock ebrake cables or do I need to buy them from another car? if so, which car?

  2. Do I use the proportioning valve from the EP or will my DA’s be fine?