EP3 rear seats DA swap

i just pick up some ep3 si rear seats. i cant find anything about making them fit in a da just eg’s and dc’s. i know its gonna take some cutting and paste to make them fit. does anyone know how to make these things fit. what needs to be added or taken away? thanks

… what ever happened to having some really clean og da rear seats in the back? or maybe getting them reupholstered? i guess everybody is trying to be different.

yea my da seats are mint but something about those rear head rest of si seats ballin…lol bump anyone?

if you wanted headrests why not look for a pair of DA6 rear’s they came with headrests

cuz he thinks they’re “ballin” :shrug:

will someone just answer this guys question?

why don’t u?

If I remember correctly the ep seats are a 50/50 split correct? so you will have to reweld the piece in the middle