EP3 seats in a DA

i just bought myself so Ep3 (02-05 honda civic sir) front seats for my DA
and i went to search up how other ppl did it but only one thread came up and it didnt explain much, so heres the question again. How could you put theses seats into a DA? besides buyin brackets and welding it to the seats.
and if others have done it please tell me how you did it.
THANKS! :slight_smile:

most people swap the rails, which will not bolt right on, so you would have to fabricate a bit or end up welding

i don’t see how else it could be done

Subscribing for more info as well or even better a complete write up!

to make them fit you’re gonna have to alter the bracket slider assembly. there is no way around it.

i got crx sir seats in my g2 i just took the brackets off my seats repainted them flat black then basicly had to weld spacers onto the brackets werent wide enough apart… but ya go for it i love different honda seats in da’s i was lookin to order a set of s2000 seats but to pricey

ive had these seats for a month now, and i havent put them in yet… so sad. im planning to get the sliders off of a 91 to weld onto the seats, but i was wondering if there was a difference in sliders depending on year?

yah, there is usually a difference between models and years (other hondas). i do believe the 2nd gen tegs use the same sliders between them though. (i think that is what you are talking about?) you are definatley gonna have to custom make some brackets and sliders. good luck with the conversion!!