Equal to ITR CAMS

What would be the equivalent to the itr cams in a b17a like what cams would be the same?

also where is a good place to purchase these itr cams or the others?

how much hp should i expect when i put itr cams and valve springs and retainers in my b17a

umm to answer your question…

R cams, be it ITR ot CTR are the “choice” stock upgardes for your b17.
of course the CTR or 01 ITR intake cam being the best. the Exhaust cam is basically the same thing. as for where to buy em… u can try all the web stores out there on the net, and compare prices.
for expected HP… it all dependent on how u tune it. (hope u already have cam gears) by just simply droping them in don’t expect an instant 8hp increase… NEVER works that way. onoly way to tell your gain is a dyno run b4 adn after the the install of the cams. HTH

If your looking to buy them used


If you want em know, head to the Acura dealer closest to you… Or there are tons of tuning shops that sell them new…