Erie pa:fs gsr seats or seat clothes depending on shipping

Selling these front and rear gsr seats or seat cloth depending on what people want to pay for shipping… I just bought the car today but from what i could see there are no tears in the drivers seat

Asking $300 + shipping
It will be cheaper for just the cloth for the shipping
I will get better pics tomarrow

My email is

I only except paypal

Call or text 814-572-8137

Still for sale!

Seat cloth? How easy is it to remove from the front ones? I’ve done it on the rears.

Kinda like a t shirt for the top part and there are some metal clips on the bottom part

Make offers!

also from erie, just wanted to say it kool that somebody else locally on here!

How much for all.the cloths i poated on ur cl add on fb n.we was.txtn.about lights lmk i want em

Thanx blaize … If u need anything u got my number now…

And lsjdmteg

$300 + shipping obo with just the cloths

appreciate it!! have to get something goin if this damn weather ever gets better. have had the teg at the door for two weeks now lol. got get inspection, know anybody that’s easy on it?

Good luck i need to find too

west 21st and Hampton ave. there is a little garage there, used to be nelsons. don’t know the name now but 80 n ur all set EASY!!! hope it helps

Sweet thanks

Just the cloths $300?? 0.o

I think he ment 300 for the full set of seats…I hope

No just clothes $250 thats as low as i go i would rather keep them

Sold the car with them in it please close