erie pa: wtb:real exhaust 92-93 palmy blue seat cloth 92-93 integra gs steering wheel

i need just the cloth from a passenger side palmy blue seat so i can switch it over to my drivers side…
need 92-93 integra exhaust preferably hks or greddy
need 92-93 rs steering wheel
also need 92-93 tail lights in mint condition
call or text me 814-572-8137

the 4spoke wheel? i have it

Yes! How much shipped to 16510

i have db2 tail lights 92 2door if you’re interested

i have money guys i need these parts so get a hold of me on my phone 814-572-8137 call or text

I have the wheel
Email me

do you have a pic of the style you want for the seaT?

Call or text me for stuff so we can figure out payment and shipping!

I will get a pic of my seats tommarrow thanx

Seems like no one knows how to sell stuff…this is like the 3rd wtb add i put up for this stuff in the past two years and nobody knows how to get a hold of me on my phone…hello! Call or text 814-572-8137! Not that hard

this is the seat cloth need fellas thanx

just the upper portion?

yes i just need the cloth not foam or n e thing else

to the top still need this stuff guys!

I’ve got the tail lights. I’ll try to remember to text you some pics tomorrow.

just hard to find!

Got a seat cover from iogearz thanks man

np! feedback left!