erratic idle w/ new ecu program;JET,PYR,RPT,XS maps


i reprogrammed my old 91 LS auto ecu with a variation of different programs
like PYR,JET,XS, and RPT… So I drove around with all programs to kind test them u know. The difference is noticable with all the programs, but three out of the four proggies cause the engine to idle up and down at operating temp. The RPT proggie idles fine and pulls good (i’m scared to use it thought cuz it has no redline), but the others idle erratic. I wonder if this is due to runnign too rich. Then i think well at idle the ecu’s are in closed loop so the different fuel and timming maps are only used in open loop(WOT). AT the present moment I am only runnign a RSR header and a test pipe, for a second i said well maybe when i put on a intake system and a better flowing exhaust maybe it wont run soo rich, but that brings me back to the car running in cloosed loop at idle… or maybe i a m misunderstanding the way the ecu works…any insight wold be appreciated.

thanks guyz

It is idling like that because it is dumping too much fuel. You will need to get something like an SAFC to drop your fuel at idle to level the idle out.