ETD Racing Pro Series Traction Bar

I am thinking that this is the traction bar i am going to run. They seem like they have improved the latest generation, and the design looks good to me. Does anyone have any first hand experience with these?

here’s a link to what i am talking about for those that do not know.
LINK: traction bar

here you go

put one in my buddies car acouple weeks ago and went smoothly, works great. no complaints.

awesome, so he got the newest version? have any pics installed? what kind of power is his car making?

I did a review on there 1st gen so called traction bars. This is my opinion on this. If the car comes with a crossmember, make sure you buy an upgrade from a well known company that put the R&D into it so you can get some kind of performance benefit out of it. If the car does not come with a cross memeber then anything will be an improvement. ETD bars just look stronger. I doubt they put these bars under extensive R&D like full race did to make an improvement. probably lighter weight than stock thats about it. I felt a diffrence right away after installing the FR traction bar and didnt even get an alignment.

I’ll never support this company simple fact that none of there crew member has a gen2 integra. much less even race it…

ahh feck it… just ordered a full race. :roll:

check out my writeup on ESP’s version.


Well I can claim that the newest version of the bar works great and is built STRONG!

Last week on our test drive in my buddies 90 teg that we put one in we were making sure the motor and everything was working alright and UH OH we hit a huge patch of ice from freezing rain right on a bend at about 30 mph and just slid straight into the begining of a guard rail. Totalled the car. 1.5 miles on the motor haha. built b16. anyways the corner of the guard rail went stright into the middle of the front bumper bushing it all the way back against the block, smashing the brand new header, breaking off the drivers side motor mount due to it pushing the motor back and twisted the front fraim rails. the crossmember was still in one piece still bolted in but was bent back about 6 inches in the middle. couldn’t believe it didn’t break the welds or rip out the bolts on the ends. very impressive. I have some pics of the car but will have to try and find some pics of the crossmember.

Nice broken 1 pieces damnit. car was the cleanest one i’ve seen in Pa rust wise too. all cut up into pieces now BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

holy shit, that thing is crunched. hope you were both ok

willing to part out? how much for the radiator?

[QUOTE=fastasleep;1832700]willing to part out? how much for the radiator?

dibs on front bumper

Yeah we were ok. just some scraps bruises and pulled muscles. the car itself got a nice dosage of sawzall and is in about 10 pieces. we kept everything we could but he is keeping most of it for my car and his crx with an ls in it he just bought. most of the other stuff is already sold. I’ve been at the garage the last couple days but keep forgetting to get pics of the etd bar. maybe i’ll remember tomorrow.