Everyone always talks about having a unique teg well...

I have a 92 LS and its all black with blue sparks that show up when the sun hits it just right… as anyone see this before on other tegs? because im not even sure If ive seen a teg period with sparkles in the paint

Sounds like someone painted it Flamenco Black Pearl off of the newer Si Coupe (99-00).

maybe I have no idea… but i like it and i notice other people looking at it

my cousin just got an 05 RSX in nighthawk black pearl and it has blue sparkle in it…

yea mine seems to have this clear plastic over it with the paint and sparkles but a spot that came off under that its like a dark greyish black

Mine is painted NH-592. Nothing too out of the ordinary man, it’s called pearl.

my prelude’s clear coat stripped off…

THAT’S unique…


yea mine has pieces missing here and there and i dont even know how it happens… i just all of a sudden notice them one day

my old teg has it. … black/ivory. with flake.

so dont get all excited thinking your the only one. :shrug:

whats ur cardomain site? just interested in checkin’ it out. check mine out if u want. http://www.cardomain.com/ride/638992. ive got new pics of my engine rebuild, go check em out.


my old one… this is my new one. enjoy.


I have a dark red with silver metallic flakes.

my integra is black with brown pearl.

oh wait, that’s just dirt.


my g2 is nighthawk black with blue pearl =)