Excessive Smoking

Wondering if someone here could help with the rather excessive smoke coming from car.

It only smokes at very high revs eg: 6-8000 RPM and it looks like white/grey smoke looking through my mirrors, although hard to tell.
Definately not blue though.

Is this likely to be the piston rings (which i really don’t want it to be - expensive stuff!!!) or could even a dirty airfilter be the culprit (my pod filter hasn’t been cleaned since i got it 2 years ago).

I’ve also been told it could be dirty vacuum hoses, how can i check and where can i find them?

Any help would be apreciated.

I have the same problem… I notice grey/white smoke when I rev it pretty hard. It’s burning oil so the rings and valve stem seals both have to be replaced.

I’m thinking about just doing a B16 swap rather than rebuilding since it would be cheaper and +20hp w/vtec

If its kinda sweet smelling it could be a cracked head or blown head gasket and your burning anti-freeze.