Exedy Clutch / ACT Flywheel - Review

Okay I searched around and found lots of posts asking about what to buy but not much about reviews, so here’s mine:

I bought an Exedy Organic Racing Clutch to replace my old (slipping, chattering, dying) stock clutch and an ACT Streetlite 12.5lb Flywheel to go with it. I selected these based off recommendations from other members as well as price/performance. I didn’t want to go with a lighter flywheel just for the sake of drivability. I know many members have 8-7.5lb ers, but that’s a little too light for me. anyways…

The clutch made a huge difference right away, mainly making everything smoother, esp the chatter (so embarassing). Engagement is strong when asked to be and very clean otherwise. It is quite a bit “heavier” than the stock one, so be aware of that, although I know there are ones that are much heavier, it was a nice suprise to me. It was broken in according to Exedy/Daiken’s specs, with some added miles, just to be safe. My old clutch was worn down to the metal, so yea…it was time :smiley:

The flywheel made less of a noticeable difference, until after the breakin period. At that point I reved it out a few times just to get the feel of it. RPMs don’t drop as quickly as they do with a lighter flywheel which is nice, and it acts quite a bit like the stock flywheel. But when under a heavier load it swings nicely and smoothly to redline. An added benefit seems to be the “hyperness” attitude that the car now has when accelerating on the freeway, either on-ramps or passing situations. It used to feel like the car was struggling to pull itself along, now it seems to like winding up quickly, thereby going faster quicker. (That could be my imagination, but I dunno :stuck_out_tongue: )

In the end, a major :up: for both these products.

clutchcityonline seems to have the best prices available, per other members. I got mine from a friend for approx $420.


Did you get the ceremetalic one for the full face organic?