Exedy Clutches

is there anyone with the Exedy clutch? what is it comparable with? thanks


A member mentioned that Exedy actually makes the clutches for Spoon. When I need a clutch, Exedy will be what I get, and the their flywheel.

Toda clutch packages also use the Excedy clutch. Great clutch from what I understand. When my Centerforce dies, I’ll be picking up the Toda Clutch/Flywheel package.

oh ok cool. do you guys think an exedy clutch would take a gs teg with i/h/e cams/gears and 70 shot of nitrous? and maybe a lighten flywheel? i’mhoping that exedy i comparable to a CM stage 3. any comments would be great. thanks


I was refered to buy the exedy clutch when I was looking for a CM 2 replacement for my friends 92 Accord EX. I installed it and it works great. No complaints from me, and hes been driving on it for about 3 months now and loves it.

Which disc do Toda and Spoon use? The organic or “cerametallic?” TIA

I’m not sure which one they use, but unless you have a turbo and are making serious horsepower i.e. 300whp, get the organic and not the ceremetallic. The ceremetallic is 3 puck. It’s streetable but I kinda wish I would have gotten the organic. Hopefully I’ll like mine better when I get project turbo done.:smiley:

What are the different exedy clutches out there for our cars? I want to pick one up but I want a higher holding capacity than stock. The “race” organic clutch that they sell…is that like a CM stage 2 or 3? Please lemme know what’s up. My clutch needs replacement soon and I wanna know who is best.



for somewhat of an improvement over stock, go with the organic Exedy clutch for sure…unless you are planning for big HP numbers…but if you are mostly stock, exedy is the way to go from what i understand, that is what i’m buying as soon as i get the cash within a couple weeks…:slight_smile: