Exhaust Clearance Question

Hey to start it off i know people are gonna say this is a trial and error thing, but i havent bought the exhaust system yet and dont wanna waste the money if i dont have to.

Im about to buy a RS*R GT spec II exhaust off of a friend and i was wondering if it would clear the ground by enough. I have neuspeed yellow (race f-2.25in-505lb/in r-2.0in-450lb/in) springs on now and im about to get koni yellows to replace the stock shocks and struts. the problem i noticed, well not a really a problem, it goes strait back. which im pretty sure it goes strait under the rear axle, so im worried about scratching, denting, ripping the thing off. Can anyone tell me if it clears the ground by a considerable amount? or has had this exhaust or this low of a setup with a strait back exhaust like this b4?..this is my Daily Driver so i do have to be worried about speed bumps.

if the canister runs vertically it shouldnt have a problem. if it runs horizontally and its an oval shaped, it shouldnt have a problem either. Since its ur friend, i say just measure it.

It needs to be welded cuz its f***** up and he lives on the other side of the state.

it is hard to say, imo, i think a canister style exhaust similar to the HKS would be better for ground clearance. The Ex mag doesnt hang down too too much but it does hang down, and i do think u could def beat it up with some speed bumps.

ok bro think about this, if its fucked up doesnt it say something about the exhaust?

The guy who had it b4 my friend “RETRO-FITTED” it to his EF, thats why it needs to be rewelded.

the RSR is one of the best exahust on the market and always has been. If it was retro fitted dont buy it, save urself the hassle