Exhaust modding question???

I’m in the process of working on my exhaust setup. I ordered the RSR Exmag cat-back and now I wanna know which high flow cat I should buy? I’m looking into getting this CarSound high flow cat I’m just not sure which I should get? The one I’m looking into is 2.25 inlet/outlet, length: 13.5", width: 6.5", and height: 4". Basically what I’m asking is will this cat I just described fit on my 91 Integra GS with the RSR cat back? If not any suggestions on which I should buy?

It will not simply bolt on…but you hopefully knew that. The stock 90-91 cat is 16 5/8" long, so to make the cat you mentioned fit, it’d have to have some extra piping added to it. Also, the fact that its 6.5" wide scares me, thats sorta large…although it may fit in there.

I say either order a direct replacement cat that will just bolt right up, or go to an exhaust shop and have them fit a cat in there (but DO NOT let them weld the cat to your exhaust, and DO NOT let them weld the cat to your downpipe…get them to put flanges on the cat so it unbolts like stock).

Here’s a thread about cat length: http://www.g2ic.com/forums/showthread.php?t=46463

There are plenty of direct fit cats, or at least ones that are closer to the size of our stock cats…:search: and you should find what you’re looking for.