Exhaust Options

So i bought a used DA in miserable condition but with a good shell, started putting it back together and fixing it up, I’ve run into some issues at replacing the exhaust, I want to run DC headers and a test pipe but theres not very many options after that that arnt fart cans, do you guys think i would have better luck having something custom with a universal magniflow? any recommendations?

KTeller make 2", 2.5" and 3" pipes that will bolt right up to our cars… But they need welded together, and you’d still need a muffler.

But they’re quality SS pieces versus cheap eBay stuff.

Sadly you’re right, there aren’t a ton of quality setups readily available anymore.

Custom is always a fine route if you can get mandrel bent pipes versus crush bends.

Genki tuning sells an okay catback. It’s good quality just didn’t fit very well on mine without quite a bit of work. It was like 3in too short with my test pipe and like 1in too short with the stock cat. The welds and everything are good it just doesn’t fit very well.

Go custom. Hytech reps, 2.5 flex pipe after the flange. 2.5 mandrel bent, magnaflow resonator and magnaflow rear box.

let me know if you need an exhaust for your DA. www.dasbydesign.com

This is actually the same with the ebay exhaust I bought to hold me over. I had to custom weld a 6in pipe in between my test pipe and exhaust.

Its like they ship ones out for a civic and don’t give a fuck because it looks close enough.

I only paid like 250 shipped so I wasn’t surprise or mad about it, I expected it and made it work.

I bought a genki exhaust for $180 and nothing fit. Ended up getting it all custom done. Honestly a custom setup done right is always better than a brand name exhaust.

i bought this exhaust http://www.ebay.com/itm/191077637192 With a high quality catalytic converter like this one http://www.ebay.com/itm/350965310423 All i can say i love it very deep especially at high rpm. everybody love it too, btw did i mention it look extremely sweet ! only problem is i have a 1993 and it was 2 inches too short to the catalytic converter. muffler shop extended it a bit they even love the exhaust !

I will post a youtube videos with how it sounds and looks ! BEST Setup ever for under 300 Dollars !!!

i fixed the links, and here is the video i promised https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ipakwmOdk0Y

Let me know what u guys think.

Im making another video(soon) of the looks and fitment. :wave:

I like the look of factory. Can you post more of it outside and rev it high? Out of the garage please.

I’ve never fussed with purchasing an exhaust and trying to get all flanges to fit. I have a custom 3’ Turbo Back now, no cat or resonators. Go custom and buy the muffler you want, choose the placement, angle, material etc. You get exactly what you want for a similar price, no fuss. Most shops will guarantee leaks for 2 years too.


hey friends I updated the video, here’s the link again


[QUOTE=fastordiy;2312748]i fixed the links, and here is the video i promised

Let me know what u guys think.

Im making another video(soon) of the looks and fitment. :wave:[/QUOTE]

I’m really thinking of buying this exhaust. I have almost the same set up in your bay. DC header and K&n intake.

One more favor bro. Can you have your buddy drive it past you? You videotaping your car as it rolls? I’m very picky on exhaust systems on how they sound. I hope its not too raspy. If you can’t video it, No worries.

Also, is it a 2 and 1/4 piping? I’ve noticed that the muffler is pinching a rubber tube? Did you put that there because the muffler is touching the chassy?

I’ve been eyeing the Tanabe T70029 Medalion Touring for a while, but not ready to shell out $500 just yet: http://www.amazon.com/Tanabe-T70029-Medalion-Cat-Back-1990-1991/dp/B000N5LJ84


Yes the muffler was touching the chasis, making vibrations inside the car.The exhaust is 2.5 inches throughout the full catback.

heres a new video inside the car.


The tanabe Hyper Medallion is The best 2.5 flow bolt on system off the shelf. You’ll never look back for another no matter what set up you run on your engine. I’m guessing you can run it up to 230 or 240 hp all motor.

That’s not a bad price for the Tanabe. I have the skunk2 mega power 60mm catback and it fits perfectly. No fitment or rubbing issues at all. About the same price as the tanabe, $507 through skunk2. It is pretty damn loud though.