Exhaust question ..planing on turbo keep in mind...?

alright heres my question …i plan on goin turbo very soon august in fact is when i should have to 6500 that ive been saving im at 5000 now …well i was planing on gettin a tanabe racing madalion catback …but when i go turbo i will b gettin 2.5: or 3" custom exhaust pipeing …do you think its worth gettin the tanabe catback …or should i just get a tanabe or apex n1 style muffler with the custom exhaust pipeing …i mean i only want name brand on my car and believe me im not cheap …but i dont think its worth it to get the catback if im just goin to get the custom exhaust …i kno im rambling …but let me know what you think i should do and your opinions …thanks


hey thanks for all the replies ::bein sarcastic:::evil: