Exhaust question

Okay so I need new exhaust, but I want to get something that sounds good. But with other stuff I am buying for my car right now, don’t have four or five hundred for a nice set up. So what I was thinking is maybe buying a test pipe and a muffler and maybe having a exhaust shop put it on some pipe. Has anyone on here ever done this? Would you know a good setup would be? I want something that sounds good, something with a deep sound.

Paying a local shop to bend and weld piping for you is probably going to run you the same amount as buying a decent exhaust setup. They will also probably be crush-bends versus mandrel bends, which is no bueno for performance applications.

Running a test-pipe will (in 99% of cases) make your car quite loud and annoying… Not to mention the inability to pass smog/emissions (if you need to), and it will wreak like shit.

If I was trying to ‘piece together’ a kit I’d probably go the KTeller route and find a muffler that you like… Have it welded together, and be done.


Is that any exhaust for our cars, that has a deep sound, not so much klidad and raspy?