Exhaust rattle?

i just bought a Theal R&D catback and once i get to like 3000rpms it rattles relly bad and it goes from sounding deep and throughty to a baseball card stuck in a bike spoke! any body know whats up? id be helpful.

Do u still have your stock exaust manifold? If u do its the bottom part, it hase two walls in the pipe and they are broken and thats what rattles. Take it to your local muffler shop and get it fixed for 20bucks or get headers.

what v6 or v8 did you fit into your teg to have headers??

do u not have anything to do? yes i say headers, did i stutter

you mean anything better than corect you on your wongfully saying headers?? no not really I find that correcting the miss pronounciations and the incorect terminology is quit esential aspecially to new members so they dont flood the site witht he wrong information! Welcome to g2ic noob :slight_smile:

O yea its HEADER!


could be the heatshield around the cat, or any of the other heatshields

gonna have to do that :up:

Spent 60 on a no name cat back installed, and rattles a shit load