exhaust resonator question

I want to replace my old resonator with a 31" glasspack, but I got a problem

I will have to remove the old one (about 12") and some part of the pipe also, but the part of the pipe that I will have to remove hold the hanger about in the middle of the car…

what should I do? weld custom hanger on my new resonator?
here is a diagram :slight_smile:

Dude, dont put that glasspack crap on there! Leave it alone and save up for a real exhaust.

Magnaflow makes nicer resonators that won’t eventually blow out. You can weld on a hanger pretty much anywhere.


mmm k, thx! :slight_smile:

ya those glasspacks wear out, i got a 22" magnaflow 2 1/4 straight through(straight through is the best), and it sounds great.

I have no cat though, if you keep your cat you could get a shorter one like a 14" or 18". 22 works great for me, no rasp anywhere, no more bumblebee

hey man i have 2 1/4 piping from the cat back to the vibrant muffler and i use to have a resonator but it rotted out so i got just a piece of 2 1/4 piping from the cat to about the first bend sounds awsome very quite:D

i think the CAT makes a huge difference, my car with 2 1/4" no cat , and straight through muffler was hella loud and raspy, resonator made all the difference.