Exospeed 3 piece front end for DA integra

Is there anyone else that has a DA that is in need of a 3 piece front end for drag racing purpose? Exospeed said they have tried to get people together for a list, before they make one but have not found enough people. Is there anyone else that needs one, and is willing to pay a deposit in advance to get one?

i might be interest in one, but want to see how it might look and the price.

Ok let me get more details

Pretty much stock by the looks of it. A bit more aerodynamic, but nothing too obnoxious. Fitment is apparently really good. Here are some pics of the kit on an EG Civic and DC Integra.


I wonder if this is the same fiberglass material that Factory 5 uses on its cars. How durable is “durable, high quality, and thick fiberglass material?”

By the way, this is what Strada has to offer for the DA. I don’t like it.


But thankfully, you can specify how you want it to look.


The strata kit doesn’t have much appeal. I would at least like it to look similar to factory bumper like the exospeed kits

Same here.

all im asking for it to follow the body line keep the 92-93 dimples 3inch of lip on the front and 2inch wide for 24.5x9 or 26x9
just keeping it simple