Experience with aftermarket mounts?

What up g2ic. So i recently got hasport mounts (62A urethane) installed in my 91 teg and they feel pretty solid except that i can still feel the motor kick back when i let off the gas. Ive had experience with innovative mounts (60A urethane) on my previous 90 rs and the motor kickback was barely noticeable the car and motor felt really solid n i loved it. Just wonderin if any one else has/had similar experience with the hasport mounts. Thinkin if i should buy the innovative rear mount. Any input would help and is appreciated. Thanks!

62a is a street mount solidness, go higher if u want that solid feel…

I had 60a on the innovative mount kit too. Just tryna find out if the innovative rear mount was designed better than hasport because i didnt experince any kick back of the motor when i had the innovative kit @slow_db2

i destroyed my innovative rear mount in 4 months with 200whp in my db1… i was really disappointed, i am going hasport this time around myself

Thats interesting. So uve had innovative and are goin hasport just like i did. Lmk if u experience the same motor kick back im talkin bout with the hasports.

I had the aluminum polished red bushing rear and no issues.
And it was on my 01 jdm type r. I could feel it kick a little but as for breaking they were solid. I mean I did have enough hp the break 2 lsd differentials so I would assume it would be less on a ls.

Thanks for the input da6xsi06

window weld filled here. stiffness aplenty, lol