Extremely Hot Oil Dipstick 91 Teg RS

Oil dipstick is too hot to touch after driving. What could cause this?
Car runs fine, gets good gas mileage, engine temperature is higher than normal but still never exceeds halfway mark.
Passes annual emission checks easily as always.
Been like this for a year. Rubber sleeve near dipstick loop is hard, cracked, blackened and crumbling off. Dipstick is severely corroded and will break off anytime now. Rubber grommet near oil tube is fine. Rest of dipstick is fine. Oil levels good.
Don’t see smoke anywhere, engine power is good.
Exhaust pipe & muffler is 3 months old.
Regarding cooling system; timing belt and water pump is 2 yrs old. Rad. cap, all hoses, T’stat, 3 to 6 mos old. No coolant leaks, heater works well.
I have 160,000 miles on it.
I have hardwired Rad fan to manual switch last week as i never saw it spin. Dipstick is now cooler than before as more air circulates there now - but still much hotter than in years past.
Is this a coolant problem, oil problem, exhaust problem, engine problem? Help please.


Manifold leak? Just a thought since you said its black… would cause excessive heat in that area if its leaking from one of the center ports… just a thought.

I had hood popped a couple times with engine running for quite a while. Saw nothing unusual.

A 17+ year old dipstick finally showing its age? I mean rubber and plastic insulation only last for so long… If the motor seems to be in healthy shape as far as oil consumption, cooling properties, lack of smoke and or major issues… Then I would assume it to be simply aging and not a whole lot more. Sounds to me like you’re making it more of a problem then it really is.

Agreed. A lot of people dont understand the temperatures auto engines run at. On any car running for a while the dipstick can be too hot too touch.

yup. usually around 120 degrees. too hot to touch for any length of time

Salzilla- mmmm I think this is normal. I don’t think you should worry about it. Mine gets hot too.

I hear ya and really appreciate the replies - you guys are awesome.
I have been checking my oil for years at gas stations when I fill up as it does burn a qrt/mo. The stick’s never been burning hot though.
So you’re saying it may not be a major problem - lack of air circulation then?

if you’re really concerned about it, you could just shoot a thermal gun at it. see what it reads