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I was really pissed off and was curious if any other members on here have had trouble with them. This is the third package that was “damaged”, this time it was window visors. These are hard enough to find and expensive to get. Even having them insured won’t cover the cost of getting another set at a good price no less! The other one was tail lights and something else I can’t remember. Yes I did have them insured but that is not the point (to me). If your job is to transport items of value safely and you are incapable of this then what the hell are you doing in business? :rant: I wish there was something I could do besides sit here and take it up the ass. Comments or advice would be greatly appreciated.

Are you shipping or receiving the items. There are guidelines to the packing that need to be followed to make sure things arrive safely. You can’t just throw things in a box tape it up quickly and expect them to arrive perfectly. You have to remember how large these trucks are, and how many items are put on top of your box. Imagine the weight you would be holding if you were at the bottom. Now always pack your item as if it were going to be at the bottom of the pile. They don’t have all the time in the world to figure out what items are heaviest, and what should go on the bottom.

I have shipped a lot of stuff with them and not had any problems. I always overinsure things just incase I do. If it will cost more than something was sold for to replace it, I put that value on it instead of what someone paid for it (insurance is cheap). Like DA JeLLie said, packing is key to an item arriving safely… and there are a lot of people who suck at packing (especially individual sellers in the US). Occasionally a well packed item may be damaged by a shipping company, but most things that I have seen broken or damaged was just from items moving around inside a box when it wasn’t packed right… usually worse when multiple items were thrown inside a box.

I have bought a few sets of visors from Japan and had them all arrive safely (one box was damaged, but the visors were still safe due to good packing). They were individually wrapped in plastic wrap, individually wrapped in bubble wrap, taped together securely, and then put in a sturdy cardboard box.

The only problem i have had with fedex is that they lost one package i have sent, and i have shipped about 20 things through them in the past year or 2. Packing is definitely key, but i agree that Fedex should ensure to the best of thier ability that all packages are handled with care.

Well I agree with you all about packaging, but THEY packaged it. I was given 3 options…custom box for $20…JUST bubble wrap with fragile written on it (recommended best by fedex)…and some other non-acceptable way. So I went with their recommendation because I want to ensure the best possible chance they arrive safely. This also means it has to be delivered by hand, correct me if I am wrong. So I don’t think we can blame it on the bottom of the pile.

Bump same thing happened to me with 1 pieces sucks that’s why I got negative feedback…

Dang that sucks. Kind of off topic as far as shipping companies but my brother bought a CTR spoiler in Thailand. DHL was the company that handled it. I was there when it came in. The guy took it out of his truck in just bubble wrap. I was expecting it to be messed up and damaged by other packages. But surprisingly it was in perfect condition, even the bubble wrap wasn’t damaged.

Yup happened to me with Fedex I received the package and noticed the box bent I paid for the visor plus shipping with insurance to the guy who sold me the roof visor when I opened the box there it is broken. Sad thing is it’s insured and I didnt even get my money back charged it to experience and moved on.

hopefully they don’t fuck up mirror visors if you ever find a pair. those are even more rare jdmness.

They haz those?

OG’s know what I’m talkin about. Junkman?

The rarest and most jdmest part of all time.

I typically have no issues with fedex. I pack items to survive a fall from a plane. UPS on the other hand is so awful that i no longer buy things from newegg unless i can get then shipped fedex.