F20b Swap Motor Mounts And Trans

Ok So Ive Got A 92 DA And I Know Im Gonna Have To Do An OBD2 To OBD1 Conversion but Streetlightz.com Makes A NIce Set Up For The Swap But What I Wasnt Sure About Was Should I Use An H to B Mount Set Up For It Or Is There An F To B Mount Set Out There Somewhere As Fas As Parts Are Concerned i Know About The Different Head And H block So Im Not Worried Bout That Just Didnt Wanna Buy The Wrong Motor Mounts And As Far As The Trans Goes Whats A Good Trans I Can Put In Thatll Line Up And Work Properly With The F20b

Thanks For The Help

that u want H2B or F2B?

I Wanted To F2B

why a f20b its a h22a with less tq? less parts in the usa. just the price on one oveer the h22 is not worth it.

your going to need a harness from rywire which is 300 i think. then a H/F TO B swap kit or a H mount kit.

if your going to go H/F2B, then you need to consider which kit your going to be using first. QSD or Bisi/Evolution. i would suggest you use the QSD kit, as they have (as of late) been found to be more of a street application. some quick break down information for you.

uses oem or aftermarket b-series mounts for the chassis application
drivetrain geometry stays exactly as stock
hood clearance sucks, since the transmission doesnt move locations down for clearance with the taller engine
needs one off header. iirc, there is one company that does make a H2B h22a header for this kit

custom mounts are needed, if you dont get the mounts from them
drivertrain geometry is modified, depending on mounts
depending on mounts, hood clearance could be a major issue
off the shelf header is currently being sold

i would suggest you visit honda-tech and read up on the FAQ about H/F2B swaps.


not 100% accurate, but close enough for government work.

also the f20b dohc has a lot of parts availible from the USDM market. a lot of the parts for the h22a fit. other parts will come from the h23 and f22. just takes a little searching to figure out which parts you need to buy from which engine.

i am currently building a F2B DB1, i am using a f22a6 as my f-series of choice :D.

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in fact, there is a header for the QSD kit on ebay right now^. company that makes them is “six sigma racing”, just in case the above doesnt work.

and some spacers are on sale also:

Why would you want to put an f-series in a teg? I just doesn’t seem to be worth the money or time involved.

The way a few honda techs have put it to me is: the F motors are just D series with two cams. They don’t compare to anything. If you really wanna do something crazy get an h23 head and an f23 block and k24 pistons and make a g23 its 270 horse and 220tq or something crazy like that. here:

There is a write up on honda tech too about this. Looks like a very beefy frankenstein and it will make more hp than the h22 or the f20b that you’re talkin about with very little machining. in fact I believe this is quicker easier and probably cheaper than an lsv… just a thought tho.

I agree with this man, with the amount of money you will spend on this you can buy a B18c and still have money left over to do mods to it that will rape that F20/H22

After looking at the f20b, it doesn’t seem like too bad of a choice. 800 seems like the going rate for the dohc vtec, and then mounts and htb plate.


THis seems like an impractical swap. Costs more than it’s worth, & there are many other options for the teg that way better all around.

What are your reasons for doing this? Hoping for power or just trying to be different? Inquiring minds want to know.


Figure that out!

h/f motors are waaayyy better priced than b series with practically the same amout of power and loads of torque all with stock reliability
damnit i shoulda bought that accord

b series pwn h and f series for durability, plus the h series sux cause the FRM sleeves you can’t bore them. H22 has a nice flowing head yes, but shit after a certain point you can’t do squat to it.