Factory Alarm Settings

I have a stock factory installed alarm and don’t know how to manipulate the settings. The remote just has one button on it. When I got the car, the alarm would arm and disarm without honking the horn and just flasing the corners and taillights.But this one time, in band camp…-one time I was playing with the alarm and then I noticed that ever since then, whenever I would arm or disarm the alarm, it would honk once-arm and twice-disarm. I tried playing around with the remote but can’t get it to the way it was b4. I also tried getting a manual for it from Acura but they said they didn’t have em anymore. Any suggestions on how to set the modes?

I wanna know too! A friend of mine has the same stock alarm, and has no idea whatsoever on how to set stuff. Any help would be nice! :smiley: