Factory Carbon Wing Pics

Here It Is…http://www.imagestation.com/album/?id=4291064047
ladies and gentlemen, it has been a long while in the making, through two tries, but it is now complete. just finished tonight. i was searching for a wing that would look good on my white DA w/carbon hood, and all i could find was carbon bi-plane wings. so i made my own stock carbon wing. nice clean look + carbon fiber=yummie! lemme know what you think!!! sorry the images are not in the right order on imagestation.


hey looks good. good work

Snazzy, good job!

:drool: sweeet

Very Nice job man, How long did it take you and how much did it cost you to make it ??. If I may Ask

:inlove: I love it! But when we gonna see it on your car?

the carbon i used cost about $66 plus shipping, for 3k x 3k, 50" wide by two yards. resin was about $40 , then all the other little stuff i had laying around the shop. total time was about two weeks inbetween school and work. the resin took a couple hours to dry for every step. if you worked at it straight, a week would probly do fine.
it will go on the car as soon as it stops snowing up here :(no fun man.
i will try to make a mold of another stock wing once i aquire one, and will try this again with pre-preg carbon.(should be lighter and look nicer) stay tunned…carbon mirrors are next…