factory motor burning oil

my teg is burning oil obviously,but what i am confused about is that when i let the car idle for long time and i apply the gas a puff of smoke lets off and after that i receive regular pure white smoke. not a thick white smoke,but a normal exhuast smoke. i havent done a compression test because i wasn’t sure if this would help my situation.and also i have a oil pan gasket leak, could that be a gateway to the burning oil issue im having.???

oil pan leak and smome have nothing to do with each other. for the oil pan just clean your motor and really check where it is coming from because alot of times it will be a valve cover gasket leak and it will just look like an oil pan leak. as for the smoke, i would have to see it to tell you. you can probably come to jersey and me and a buddy of mine check it out (we wont charge you) hope i helped ya :run:

pay attention behind you when your driving… if you see a constant stream of smoke that increases as you go harder on the throttle… could be the rings… other than that id have to say valve guides and seals

alright thanx guys, it isnt a constant stream of blue smoke, only one puff and thats it.only when idle more than 5 minutes.during driving im fine. btw-93dabeast how far is your shop from the holland tunnel?

look up union nj on mapquest