Faiding Painted Side Moldings

I painted the moldings on my frost white integra. However, the first part I painted was the long side moldings. I didn’t do a very good job on that part and now the moldings paint is beginning to fade (they look like they are dirty, even when cleaned). I am not sure what I did wrong, but maybe I didn’t put enough adhesion promoter? I also don’t think those first coats were done very well… The rest of the car looks fine, with a few small chips that need touch up.

i was buffing my car out today with Meguirs Scratch X and for some reason rubbed some on my molding. It was really hard but it started to lift off some of the dirt. It turns out that my door moldings are just caked with dirt. It is giong to be really hard to get it out. Why do you guys think that the side door moldings are doing this? all the other moldings are fine and don’t attract dirt like that. Should I get that Meguirs Cleaning Bar?

You can’t really tell in this photo, but the side molding always looks like it is dirty

same here… I’m just gonna put another coat on and put an almost excessive amount of clear coat

Were in the same boat, I have to paint my door moldings every couple of months. the others are okay cause there plastic and the doors are some kind of rubber it seems like,not sure. mine is also white.

I haven’t painted my front lip yet, but imagine that it would be the same consistency (or similiar) to the door moldings. Is this happening to everyone that is painting their own moldings? I didn’t use clear coat. Maybe I should have gotten some better paint (used duplicolor code matched paint).

i used duplicolor and painted my lip… check the Homepage… and the lip is holding out fine. No fade, only rock chips.

I didnt use paint adhesive either:)

well just an update ( i know long time) I started to sand down the moldings and then they started turning white again. On some parts the sanding got down almost to the surface, so should I sand all the way down, adhesion promoter and use better paint???

so i know there are lots of threads covering painting moldings


i hesitated from painting mine

Sorry to revive an old thread, but I was wondering if any of you had found something to clean the moldings? I also have a frost white teg, and the door moldings look “dirty”, yet the other ones are fine. I used adhesion promoter, and about 3-4 coats of paint AND clearcoat when I painted.

I REALLY don’t want to re-strip, re-mask, and re-paint the moldings if I don’t have to :worry:

hey guys (I actually was the one that started this thread so I can revive) so after this post I painted the moldings again (sanded all the way down) and started with several coats of adhesion promoter. I got much better coats on the side moldings this time (And also used an electric sander this time). Guess what? The moldings faded again! They are only lasting me about 1 year before they start looking like crap (just the door molding). I live in an area where it can get to 110 in the summer, do you think that has something to do with this??? Is Duplicolor not cracked up to do something like this? What should I do because I am sick of doing this already!

Go to a paint/ body shop & have them do it! Why waste time & money like this? Take off the moldings & bring them to the shop. It’ll probably cost $200 at the most. Save up & get it done right! I’m all for the DIY way, but somethings need a professional touch. Would you build a house w/o any prior knowledge, or get a contractor to do it?

“The cheaper man pays twice.” :getsome: :manual:

maybe I should just purchase Frost White GSR moldings for the door for $220…

ive heard before that the material the moldings are made of leave off a residual “oil” when they get warm. its a rubber/abs material over a metal frame. when the metal frame gets hot in he summer it heats the rubber up and the oil that is produced is showing through the paint.

so can the auto shop do something about that? Should I just pickup some quality paint instead of the cheap duplicolor? The non door moldings held up just fine. For me it isnt’ about saving money either, I enjoy working on my car and painting. However, I am tired of doing this one…

The shop uses different paint for metal & plastics. If they use good paint it will be fine. If you can actually buy the moldings painted for that price then maybe you should. I assume you’re goin’ to Delray Acura for that one. The price may be lower from the shop; I just gave you a high price to start from.

I’m gonna paint my front bumper strip black temporarily til next year, so I can’t really talk too much. Just wouldn’t wanna bother w/ it as much as you seem to have been.
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