Falken Ziex 512 (how do u like them?)

I know some people here are running these tires. how do you like them? are they quite, good grip. etc…!! im planning on getting a set from Erin and i just wana know how they perform. thanks!

Hey Jay , I have some in 15’s also,
if you wanted to swing down here.

whats up Scott. i need them in 16s. if you have them in 16s i’ll get them thru you. let me know.

nah, just the 195-60-15…
thanx, I’ve heard they are good tho.

(atleast better wear than the Azenis.) haha.

i have them, they’re pretty impressive, very good handling, sticky, and really good in both the rain and snow.

What are the best tires you’ve ever used?

I’m really surprised how many people really like these 512’s, and I get the impression that most of the people who really like them… have not driven on a performance tire before. The 512’s are good tires, but not great. I would definitely not call them sticky, no way would I call them sticky. If they were truly “sticky” tires, they wouldn’t be in an “all season” category.

In the category they are grouped (high performance all season) I’m sure they compare quite well with the other tires. So, if you’re looking for a performance all season type tire…then good, you’re looking in the right place. However if you’re looking for a true, sticky, performance tire, you’re way off course in choosing the 512’s.

they’re the first low profile tires i’ve ever had, I went from 15x5 to 17x7 and so the handling was awesome compared to what I’d come from.

When I say they’re sticky, I mean i can corner very fast and feel completely at ease, i never feel like i’ll break loose. i love the handling but probably most of it is just due to being lowered, and having the wide 7" rim, I’m definately no expert on tires, but these are an excellent tire for the cost,

remember they’re all-seasons, so they’re obviously not gonna be the stickiest highest performing tires, they are excellent in the rain and snow, both me and my friend who has these tires had no trouble at all driving around in the snow, meanwhile everyone else was writing horrow stories about sliding backwards down their driveway and sliding into curbs, so they are definately better than most.

thats a much better description. your first description is very misleading, especially for people who don’t know much, or aren’t going to double check your info…

And if you can’t get those tires to break loose… you’re driving too slow :wink:

wow scooby, your giving them a lot of good credit.

The zeixs suck monkey balls. The are no where near a performance tire. The are good if your looking for just a cheap tire to put on some rims. Other than that, I would never get them if your doing any spirited driving. If your doing just everyday driving and not aggressive driving then they will be fine.

Now this is the type of review I was expecting this thread to be FULL of…

Oh, and verny… so you’re joining the name change crew now eh?

I bought a set of four of these last December for my stock rims. They seem to be okay. They don’t grip as well as I was led to beleive. They allow my car to understeer just a bit more than before. And I also don’t like how the front tires will ALWAYS look like you dont have enough air, when in reality you do. I beleive I heard someone once call it the “Falken Soft Sidewall Phenomenon.” From my experience, the tires I have replaced the 512’s with (Yes, after only a year. Its not the tires, its a bad valve stem breaking thing that happened to me twice.) are much better. I got Bridgestone Potenza RE930i’s in 195/60r14. These are some of the best tires Ive driven on from 14 inch all seasons. They grip way better than the 512’s, and from what Ive experienced they offer slightly better wet grip as well. But they are pricier. You can always find a place that’ll sell you 512’s for around 50 bucks a piece, but Ive never seem these Potenza’s for less than 95. OK, Ive talked enough. HTH

-Jon B

i just put these on within the last hour(195/60/14)… i wasn’t going to write a review cause haven’t even put 20 miles on them yet…but yeah when i got the tires i was surprised on how soft the sidewalls where…i work at Just Tires so I’m messing w. tires all day and actually the sidewalls are even softer then the cheapo Kelly tires…dont think its really bad thing…I’m sure you’ll loose some cornering G’s cause of it…but for the price and my 18 mile ride so far they seem to be worth the money…because they are a great value $40 a tire(hopefully they don’t wear to fast)…and ill atleast say there better than the Dunlap a2…think thats what i had?!?..well give me a couple of weeks and ill write a real review :up:

also too…the 50/60 series has a different speed rating…so basically a 15" and above will have a higher speed rating and ive checked the 17" one of these and the sidewall of those were about average stiffness…so maybe 15" and higher doesn’t have the falken soft sidewall syndrome

Thanks for all the respones y’all. anyways, I ended up getting the Toyo Proxes FZ4. They seem alright i guess. I’ve only driven with them a less than 50miles so i can’t really have an opinion on them yet. but my rides seems smoother and definitely quieter. I had the Yokoham ES100. Thanks again.