falken ziex tires

i just gotta say, they suck. especially in wet conditions, they really suck. i do tend to brake very hard and stop short so says my friend. unfortunately i havent had the chance to test tires that are known to be better, just stock. they are also much stiffer than stock. i even resorted to going back to stock for a while, but missed the grip too much and went back again.

on the good side, they were free (for me), and perform much, much better than stock in dry weather. i think im set on getting kumho 712’s next. or maybe ill be daring and go with azenis, but i worry about wet weather again.

oh im running on 205/50/15 and they cost about 50$.
final note, they suck. others have said they suck. much better can be had for around teh same price (kumho). suckage.

i should have included that those were the 502’s. i hear the newer 512’s are a lot better. also, since i have more experience with a few more tires i think my opinion has changed slightly.

anyways heres my scale from 1-10:

firestone 14’s = 1; $free. they suck royally in every way.

yokohama avid h4 14’s = 3; $free. better, but suckage too.

falken ziex 502 15’s = 6; $free. ah much better. tons more grip. starting to hydroplane with the bad camber. very stiff.

dunlop fm901 15’s = 8; $90. wow. grips like a mother. wet is a lot safer now. much softer walls. hard to get any sound from em.

falken azenis 14’s = 9; $40-something. weee! these are the ones. wet isnt as bad as people say. if they break loose they eventually grab in a second or so at wot. the others just kept spinning until you let the throttle go. just gonna keep it under 50mph in the rain, np. ah stiff sidewalls again. ride isnt harsh at all, the ziex were harsher. steering response is much cripser than the dunlops. road noise? what noise? even harder to get them to make noise than the dunlops.