False rec limit

92 integra ls
I cannot rev above 3500-3700
Safe mode?
it is throwing a cel and the ecu did get very wet…
the car has been sitting for a while i just bought it and drove it home…
its stock except for an intake

check your sensors…mine did that when the IACV was messed up.

Mine did that when i had a bad fuel injector although mine threw a CEL. something to look into



its reading a code four??? anybody have any ideas

code 4 is ckp


will an obd0 dist work…
if not where can i get one for under $355->advanced price…

Right here!

wait if its on the distributor wouldnt it be camshaft position sensor

i read up a little bit and someone said it may not be dist. any ideas

super bumpage

I have the same problem with my new GSR. Wont rev past 4000rpm. Car has been sitting for a while and I have replaced the crank sensor, ecu, distributor,spark plugs relays… Stumped also…

I had a similar problem with my turbo dodge after a rebuild. my problem turned out to be the timing had belt was off a tooth.

something to check anyway.