Fan problems....?

My fan wasnt working and i got it to work…now that the fan is working i thinks there is another problem now. When the car’s temp. guage gets to about a 3rd then the fan comes on, but the upper hose going to the radiator is hot and the lower hose is still seems cold.
It seems to cold for the fan to be coming on because the lower hose hasnt even warmed up yet…my question is: Does anyone have any idea what might be wrong? Maybe a thermostat?..its seems to be a circulation problem to me…

Thanks for any help


Does anyone have any opions at all about this? i need to get this fixed ASAP

I had the same problem.
I just replaced the thermostat and it fixed the problem.

Is the thermostat housing on the upper or lower hose?

The thermostat is on the LOWER radiator hose … just follow it up to where it connects to the engine block, and the thermostat is inside that housing right there… only 2 or 3 bolts to get the thing off… should be a cheap fix…

Don’t you think that it makes since that water goes into your engine cold from the radiator, and comes out hot???