Fan still on!

Anyone have any idea why my air conditioning condensor would still kick on and off when the car is off and key is out of ignition and in my pocket???

MM&Y of car please, or are we to assume it is a 90 GS?

Are you sure it’s the condenser fan and not the rad fan, normally if the condensor fan comes on so will the rad fan, [A/C high side pressure is over switch limit] although if rad fan comes on, [engine coolant temp. high] the condenser fan does not.

The rad fan can also come on, when ign. is off on USDM G2s, if oil temp. is high, [CDM G2s do not have “Engine Oil Temperature Switch” or "Radiator Fan Control Module for that matter].

Confirm it is the condenser fan and not the rad fan, and let me know. 94

same problem here my fan still on … is crazy cause is on n off some times so the only thing i do now is take of one fuse under the dash… cause other wise the fan drain my battery :shock:

Check “Radiator Fan Control Module” and/or “Engine Oil Temperature Switch”, a simple test is to unplug the EOTS, if rad fan shuts off, replace the EOTS. 94