fan switch resistors

mine’s blown, got a couple from the wreckers for nothing.

im looking at them, could they have made them any more fragile? damn.

i see that they used some ceramic to seperate the coils, but they mustve been on a budget so they were stingy with it.

is that the cause of them blowing, coils shorting out? or are they just blown from over use? i havent taken out my original one yet, so i have nothign to compare to.

if thats the cause, wouldnt coating the coils to keep them seperated seal the deal? i dont have ceramic, so maybe some epoxy? hell, maybe i shouldnt even bother cause its a 10 yr old car and it took 10yrs to blow, ill just stick this one in and worry bout it if i still have the car.

ill take pics of the replacement, i noticed that this isnt in tegtips.

what do you think of the idea of coating the coils?