Fans not cutting on *researched*

I’ve been trying to figure this out all of last night and this morning to no avail. Everything I’ve found people sort of have the problem I do, but not quite, so I’m not getting a straight answer. I’m thinking all this started from when I was cleaning my engine bay.

So basically my fuse blew twice, and I replaced both times. Now though, the fuse is good and my fans won’t come on at all. Tested both fan motors and they work fine. Tested the ECT switch on the thermostat housing (96-98 spec B20B swap) by jumping with a paper clip, even tried pulling the pins out and directly touching them. Nothing. From what I’ve read people are saying if that doesn’t work then the fans are bad, but my fans work just fine. Honestly I’m not too great with electrical problems and this is confusing the shit out of me haha. So also from what I’ve read it could be the fan switch relay? Should I just go ahead and get a new ECT switch and see if that does it?

Another question. How do the fans work on our cars? Do both fans come on when AC is on? Or just the “driver side” fan? From what I remember (when looking at the motor from the front) the right fan was the only one that stayed on when AC was on, and the left one came on whenever needed.

Any help is appreciated guys, I’m just not very good with electrical issues.

Well now I feel really dumb. I was looking at the wrong fuse. Took the 15A cooling fan fuse out (after finally figuring out how I was supposed to look at the diagram again) and it was blown. Now this begs the question of why do I keep blowing my cooling fan fuse. This is the 3rd time now…

generally a fuse blows from an overload… things that commonly cause overloads are poor grounding, + & - wires cross creating a surge or arc, Fans drawing too much current (I.E. bad fans) or crossed connections I.E. blue wire to black & vice versa, allthough that should just reverse fan direction if an after market “Push Pull” Fan like I use.

get a multimeter and check the connections with it to see that you are getting steady volt/amperage across the connection when it is “Hot” that would be your first recourse or means of diagnosis.

Aight I’ll check that. I’m thinking it has something to do with me washing my engine bay though. This problem never occurred until after that

I didn’t matter if you cross the fan wires, I placed mine in front of the rad to push.

“allthough that should just reverse fan direction if an after market “Push Pull” Fan like I use.” :rockon:

Thhe fact you are have this issue after washing the engine bay leads me to think it is a crossed connection that is arcing due to moisture some where and could indicate you have a short in a wire somewhere. This could lead to blown fuses and inoperation of the fans etc…

As much as it sucks wire inspection may be necessary ( I hate wire inspection as I am chasing a bad ground with my seatbelt warning light and doing just that :rant:)