Farad Cap...yes or no? FCM..Help!

I am trying to make sure my system is as good as I can get with the equipment I already have:

Panasonic CQ-C9901U

100W x 4
Running Polk Components in front stock locations
Running Fosgate mids in rear stock locations.

Soundstream Granite 110.2
Bridged at 160W
Running 8" JL audio Sub

I have a brand new battery (Sears Diehard) and Alternator (Napa Reman) installed.

I re-ran grounds to the chassis from the amps and added a separate ground from the HU to the chassis just for some extra protection. (whatever…)
I am also running new RCA’s (Streetwires).

I also added a ground from the battery to the shock tower as suggested by FCM.

I am not cranking high wattage by any means but would like to have the best sound and quality I can get with what I have.

Should I look into a 1/2 farad cap or is there anything else I can do?


Your over 500W RMS, I always recommend an upgraded alt. at 500W and over, at 560W RMS your drawing about 80A.

Keep in mind music is dynamic, so you would only see that kind of draw when system is cranked and there is a lot of signal being amplified, and even then only in bursts, the average draw will be much lower, 50%-60%, but even that is more then the alt. can supply.

So if your a head-banger that cranks your tunes all the time, upgrade the alt.

If you your “normal” and do not play your system loud enough to make your ears bleed all the time and you do not have dimming lights when bass hits, you do not need to add anything, [alt. or cap].

If you do get some dimming when system is cranked I would add a 1/2 farad cap to the sub amp.

If your not running separate power cables from the batt. to the amps I would definitely recommend you do so, it will improve SQ of the high-pass, [4ch amp] as the sub amp will not be able to draw current, when bass hits, from the 4ch amps power supply, a common problem when distribution blocks are used, it also eliminates all the connection points that a distribution block adds, [more current to the amps. 94

in my opinion, you’re not really pushing too much, 1/2 farad should be fine, if you want that little extra security a 1 farad should be more than enough

Ok. Thanks for the info. I am thinking that maybe just upgrading some more grounds for some extra security. I usually don’t thump the music all the time but it is nice to crank it every now and then for a good song.