February 16th for South Florida.......

Lets meet up at Marcom Park in Weston for a nice day and then a nice Drive.

The Feb. meet in Tampa has been changed so I would like to start a meet around my way…I say meet at the park by like 12 noon for a nice BBQ and then we leave the park at like 4pm for a drive somewhere. Just a thought…:slight_smile:

I’m in

been long time since I have been to any meets Ill be there.

grrr…I have a Chin Motorsports event @ Homestead speedway that Sat 16 & Sun 17th…

Please please… not that day or maybe u guys can come on by and hang out !!!

Well, what time is your event at the Homestead Speedway till? Let us know and if anything I would love to drive on south to meet up with you Hayden.

Ralfy, its ALL DAY!! i get in @ 7am and leave at 5pm both days – i’ll have a cooler though !!

finally the meet

i’m up for that meet.however if buddy can’t make it we can do it the week before or after.no matter what i’m down

Let’s make this meet a good one to remember…All is good so far…


is this going to happen?

I am all in no matter what…Even if I have to trailer the DB1 over…But the swap should be complete in about a week from today.:up: :ohyeah:

Updates on DB1…

All is going smooth for now. B18a Engine is out and by this Saturday the new motor should be in and running… Then Dyno Tuned by Monday.

February 16th is getting close. I am still going to be at Markom Park at 12ish for a nice BBQ.:clap:

ahhhh the DB1 getting transplanted Finally !!1 … Oye Tigre … keep us in the loop!!


Who is in at this time?


]Who is in at this time?

  2. 1NTEGRA

If #1 & #2 get filled in, I’ll be there. But if it’s just me and Redline, I’ll stay at my son’s camping trip that weekend.

im in

fellas… as much as i’d like to be @ Markham park, I have my HPDE event @ Homestead Spedway… please get out there … i’ll post on the local Miami site …

After the meet at the park I am heading down to see you Hayden…For sure…I have about 2 weeks to get the DB1 back on her feet…

And here I was thinking that I could do the entire SWAP and Tune in one weekend…BWAHAHAHAHAHAH!!! NOT!

I’m in.

i’m there

so marcom park it iz on feb 16th.blew my engine on feb 1st but now it’s running wit a b18b 96 ls.so i’m fresh and ready.yo we got put all these meets 2 shame for real.any1 wants this is my number 954-266-9584.i say we get everyone on the same page.

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  4. 1NTEGRA
  5. magiccity954