Feel like buying a customized F&F styled DA?

Show car for sale, surprisingly it looks well done for show. Just seems like a time warp back to the year 2000. Salavge title and DC5 lights can’t go wrong. Oh the Arospeed front mount intake, memories… LOL

Aside from the front mount intake, i would really rock this. Looks clean for what the owner did with it.

I can dig the work done, it shows. The look is just out dated.

i like it

i like how he has air suspension…

Sorry but that rear end is disgusting. :salute:

I wouldn’t drive it, but the work looks like they did a really good job.

Ehhhh it’s ok.

I died a little inside!

I don’t see the $6,300 value in this. All cheap parts. Tenzo R seats? come on…

http://houston.craigslist.org/cto/2250288565.html heres a $7000 one

Haha, its in Front Royal! Jake, wtf did you do to Blue? :rofl:

Wow… I can’t see how anyone could like that white one.
Atleast the blue one was done well.

This guy used to work near me. The stuff LOOKS nice, but up close, I can promise this car is doodoo.

He used to park his car next to mine all the time. He was sitting in his car when I was giving a friend I worked with at the time a ride home, and my friend said “That thing looks like shit.” he revved… my buddy closed with “sounds like shit, too.”

The paint is nice and shiny, but there are flaws in the bodywork that aren’t shown. Its one of those things that look nice from afar. But, up close, its far from nice.

System sounds decent, though. I WILL give him that. I’m not a stereo system guy at all, but his stuff sounds pretty good.

$6300 and he turns it down?? I put $4000 in my car and I know I’d be lucky to get $2000 in a sale…that’s one of the reasons I’m keeping it…


just call me “picture whore”


Poor white teg. Who in their right mind would by that? Everything looks so damn ricey and the front bumper is about to fall off.

It’s nice to see the Canuck schmucks mucking about…