FICV hose connects to the WTF

So here is the deal. Searched for the reason I was getting “bad idle bouncing” and I cleaned the IACV and the FICV(fast idle control valve) both near the TB. Excuse me if the names are a bit off. However while cleaning I noticed that there was a hose on the FICV that was closed off by a bolt.

So I then did a search for engine bay pics and checked the Haynes manual for where this could connect to. Apon furhter review, I have found that it should be connected to the part on the bolck that has a blow off stem. However mine does not have an extra outlet for the coolant to travel to the FICV.

I called our local UFixit Honda and they do not hav ethe part…Can someone tell me if I am way off base on this one.

Thanks for the help

On your second picture. My hose is connected to a stem right under the intake manifold. It is on the same pipe that the upper radiator hose is connected to on the engine side of the hose.
As far as the first picture. Looks normal to me? Unless there is something I’m not seeing?
BTW change your cam plug. It’s the round black plug on the first picture. That will stop your oil leak that I see on your engine. Hell, change the valve cover gasket while your are at it. Just a friendly suggestion. I had to do mine a couple of months ago.

mine was blocked off like that too, i just ran a T off of the back of the block

Thank you both for the info. and for the heads up on the oil.

No prob. Tell me if the stem the hose is suppose to connect to is broken? just trying to figure out why they would block off the return line?
Anyways I believe you have to buy that whole pipe if it is broken. So the “T” fitting might be the cheaper option.