filling holes in trunk???

i am wanting to fill in holes on trunk from the spoiler and badges i took off.i talked to several body shops and they wanted wayyyy to much ends.i would like to d.i.y. but need direction.HOLLA!!!

search before you make a new thread i have used jb weld at it worked great people used bondo and that works too but jb weld is stronger

Weld it shut, best way.

Then a thin skim coat of bondo, sand and spray.

Do what G2 racer said. That’s the only way to do it, please don’t use jb weld, bondo or fiberglass to fill the holes in

i searched…anyway why dont i want to use jb or bondo?can i weld thin metal underneath then fill w/ bondo???

jb weld or bondo isn’t the correct way to fill holes in. If you weld the holes shut you should only need a thin coat of metal glaze to cover the area that was welded.

Agreed, please dont use JB weld. the proper and IMO, the only way to do is to weld them closed and grind them flush.

yo yo just had a homies dad do the holes up for 80 bones plus prime n paint HOLLA!!!

. welded and then used bondo to cover and then sand smooth

tru tru

just wondering, whats the harm in bondo?

It’s not meant to fill holes because it will crack. It should only be used as a skim coat after you finish body work.

yea dont use bondo. did it to mines and it cracked after it was put on.

you need to use the correct bondo product, filler or glazing puddy is not meant for completely filling up holes

purchase a can of the fiber glass reinforced resin, it comes with a tube of hardner. follow the instructions and its easy as pie. hardens fast, but takes a while to sand. either way its pretty damn solid when it dries and you shouldn’t have any problems with it :slight_smile:

If you don’t weld the holes before you put any type of filler on you are doing it the wrong way. PERIOD.

My painter/body work guy is working on my car as we speak, and he showed me what he done with mine. All of them were welded from the underside, kind of a barier of welds if you will to close the hole from the bottom, then he tapped down the high spots around the holes since they stuck up from the spoiler being on tight for 16 years, then filled over them

Regular filler will just fall through trust me, i took the spoiler off awhile back and just bondoed over them for a temp. fix to hold off till i got body work and paint done so someone could weld them, and i was able to mash through the bondo’d holes with my pinky finger and pop them right through

IMO if I were in your position, I would take it to a local “on the side” welder, alot of people advertise it with a sign in there yard and stuff like that, and have them weld the holes from the underside and then you take care of the sanding / filler / sanding / primer / paint yourself. I would imagine the holes wouldnt cost over $25 or so to have someone close them up real fast for you, but i havent never went to a local place for something like that so i could be way off.

These guys are right even though I’ve done mine wrong they have lasted years with no problems. I just grabbed a screwdriver and created a dent using the emblem holes. This creates enough surface area to give the bondo something to grab to. Since the holes are small it isn’t absolutely necessary to weld but is the proper way to do it. I actually didn’t have any issues with mine

Instead of welding you could also use oxyacetylene and braze. That way you don’t have to worry about chasing burns.