Finally found me a set, tell me what you think?

Pictures explain everything :smiley:

hehehe! i remember those! throwback baby! k, now do something cool & custom with them…im thinking full tint the entire thing from inside? or full candy red???
anyone else?

were those the first Altezzas? LOL

Technically you only need the reflectors to be red. But the reason they were outlawed is because sunlight tends to wash out the darkly tinted incandescent bulbs. Try retrofitting some led’s like the style of "Euro-taillights. Dont get me wrong I love the way they look and great find but, they suck at keeping people from running into your a$$.

finding a set of those clean and unbroken on the corners is tough. nice find

Yea, I’m gonna light smoke them

Nice man I remember when I was 16 (13 years ago :baby:) i wanted some clears on my 92 Accord LX haha!