finally got my system...

Wzup fellas…I finally have my system installed. It took me about a 8 hrs to do. the hardest part was finding a spot on the firewall to run the power cable. Then, running the RCA’s to the trunk wasnt the easiest feat since I didnt know how to take out the back seat. But it was all worth it once I turned the system on.
Heres wat it consists of:

-Pioneer DEH 9300
-Kicker 700.5
-10" L7
-Infiniti kappa 63.5i’s up front
-Infiniti kappa 693i in the rear
-KnuKonceptz 4 guage wiring kit, RCA’s and speaker wire.

All in all I like the way my system sounds, but im dying for the sub to break in so I can raise the gain a little bit more.

Nice, two things i would have done differently tho. Different sub (more sq type) and scrape the 693i’s and put that money towards a really nice component set up front instead of the 63.5’s. Also get some pictures so we can see… btw You got the same amp im running.

nah bro…i got the 693i’s as a gift from my bro so they have some sentimental value plus there hard to find. At least for me they were. and the 63.5i’s scream just the way i like them to…thanx for the constructive critiscism.

BTW, how is the amp holding up for you???

Amp is holding up just fine. Running all four channels biamped to my RS6 components up front and the sub section at 2ohms to a 12EDk. Takes a pounding and doesnt even begin to get hot even when its covered under carpet.

dats cool as hell…im real pleased with my system considering it was my first install. So far, everyone thats heard it says it sounds good also. I thought about gettin sum components but I didnt have the extra $$$ to dish out and also i was clueless as to where and how to mount the tweeters. Do you have your setup in a sedan or a hatch???

I no longer drive a 2nd gen. Although i have a sedan in the driveway but its a beater. I now drive an RSX. As long as your pleased with the end results, thats all that counts.

Heres the system that was in my hatch

This is what i now have in my RSX.

thats a tight as false floor u you have…if i were to get another sub, i think i mite try that elemental. If heard nothing but good things about them. I’d like to try a brahma but I cant see myself spending 400 on one sub. Did you make that floor yourself??? I want to learn how to make ported boxes but I dont know where to find the formulas needed to calculate the dimensions for a vented box. I have that winbeta (i think thats what its called) but im not sure exactly what im looking at when I mess w/ the different parameters and all.