Finally!!! Got one

Well after many years of lurking on here and dreaming of buying a DB2 for the price I wanted to spend, so the wife wouldn’t bitch about it too much. I finally found the one. It is a 1992 DB2 Black Canadian model. Has 322KM, which is 200k miles I believe, but it still runs like a top, leak down and comp test were magnificent.

Good to hear! Wish I was able to find one here in my own country in that good of condition without them trying to ask an overboard price lol

Manual Seatbelts FTW! Congrats man, that’s a great find!

Oh I forgot to put my price I paid, $2700… I was ecstatic…

Thanks guys

Not only a GS-R, but a Flint Black Metallic one too! Exclusive to the Canadian market only. And for what you paid, that’s an incredible deal. Congrats!

FML:( lol great deal though!

It looks like it probably came from BC since I can’t see rust lol

Yea I am not sure where it came from, but it spent the last 10yrs in Salem, Oregon.

Congrats on the purchase man! Looks great from here…

Any plans in store for it?

[QUOTE=unified112;2309425]Congrats on the purchase man! Looks great from here…

Any plans in store for it?[/QUOTE]

Honestly my plan right now for it is to just daily it for a while… I have my other pride and joy to finish first before I do anything to the DB2.

Here is my other car right now lol 91’ Sentra SE-R

Nice deal on the Canadian gsr. Gotta love the manual seat belts. Maybe I will see you cruising around Portland. Not many people on the forum from the Portland metro.

How does importing a Canadian spec vs a jdm one that’s in Canada from the moose country to here?

Yes sir thank you, I am sure we will run into each other at some point.

I couldn’t tell you as this was already in the states and was titled and registered in Oregon.

wow nice grab. If I could have my choice, I would have a white db2 and a Canadian black db2. I had to settle for my agp db2.

Whats funny is I hate the color Black, but somehow both my cars are black lol. The one I would wanted if I had a choice would be AGP lol

I have one

And will sell it soon

Why does it seem most G2’s are passing the 300,000km suddenly? But on topic nice find, I always feel bad when I see a GSR rotting and for sale on kijiji. Some people just don’t know what they have and how rare it is.

Yea I dunno what people are thinking, but I’m glad I got mine.

Very nice find! I’d love to have that car. Take good care of it!