finally installed my GC's

tell me what you guys think, and sorry for the shitty phone pics, ill take legit ones tomarow

looks great what struts you running?

im running koni yellows:rockon:

Looks niiiice!

I love your rims! I want! :angel:

thanks! im down to trade for other rims:)

i took sum beter pics

that looks sick. i have always loved those wheels, just dont have the money to pick up a set

x2. Dont sell them. Save up get another set and hide those somewhere. I have been wanting a set of black and reds for a while and no luck finding any… Are they 16’s?

looks sick, that’s a proper stance


thanks for all the positive feedback guys:)
and yea there 16x7, i do like the wheels but there so damn heavy.
but most likely im gona hold on to them and save up for somthing else.

Was never really a big fan of those wheels but they look good on your car.

the funny thing is, eather was i, there ok i guess, they grew on me, honestly i wish they were a differnt color, maybe a black chrome lip or a gold lip, idk sumthin different

personally, i’ve always loved those rims!!! i wish i could get a set!! they look really beautiful on your car!!!

but they’ll probably look better on my car…want to let me have 'em??? LOL. j/k

i’ve always liked them also. hand them over here :angel:

Trade for a set of Volk CVs!

what size and condition are they in?

They are 16x7 and 4x100 bolt pattern.

They have a little curb rash, but I am going to be getting them refinished soon.

any pics?

whats your email? I will send them to your email instead… my photobucket it being ghey.